While made for small and medium-sized businesses, small warehouses also appeal to larger companies. These businesses use the smaller spaces creatively as part of a changing operating model that fulfills customer desires for lightning-fast shipping.

Small warehouses have emerged as part of the business model for a variety of companies. In 2022, a shortage of overall warehouse space led to large companies buying up storage wherever they could find it, including using small warehouses as part of their inventory handling. Additionally, a recent push toward shrinking delivery times has led to using smaller fulfillment centers closer to customers. For instance, Walmart turned portions of some of its stores into mini warehouse spaces for local order fulfillment.

Small warehouse spaces benefit all business sizes, especially small and medium businesses. The advantages of small warehouse spaces for various companies come from the myriad of amenities, optimal locations, and advanced storage.

What Is Small Warehouse Space?

A small warehouse space gives small businesses a functional storage, production, and office facility. Employees can set up a desk and computer to turn part of the space into an office while storing their inventory in the rest of the area. For smaller companies, the space gives renters much more room than a home garage or basement. Most large companies will opt for standalone small warehouses for their business. These facilities typically have the maximum square footage available within the category. Sites like these become local fulfillment centers.

Small and medium businesses typically prefer shared spaces for their storage needs. Shared warehouse spaces have an edge over renting a full warehouse. With shared warehouse spaces, you pay a portion of the operations costs along with the other tenants. This solution is much more affordable for small and medium businesses that need extra storage.

Additionally, these facilities have several amenities that do not come with renting a full warehouse. You have a secure site to keep your inventory and run your business. Small warehouse spaces can include shared meeting rooms, lounges, and kitchens, making them feel like shared office spaces. You also get loading dock access and the equipment you need to make your warehouse space work for you.

Specific Companies That Benefit the Most From Small Warehouses

Almost any business can thrive in a small warehouse space. Companies as varied as e-commerce brands, hands-on business owners, creative entrepreneurs, and contractors or logistics providers benefit from affordable, functional small warehouse spaces.

Ecommerce Brands

Ecommerce brands of all sizes can use small warehouses. For instance, large companies integrate warehouse automation benefits to maximize productivity from the space. A robot-driven micro-fulfillment site with four operators can fill 1,000 orders a day. The warehouse automation benefits from this level of operation are clear. Plus, the site takes up a minuscule footprint compared to larger fulfillment centers that process similar order volumes.

However, you don’t have to fill your storage site with robots to use it. Small warehouse spaces work well for new ecommerce businesses newly emerging from home-based operations or those that need extra space to meet their growing needs. Simply having racking to keep inventory safely stored and organized helps your small business quickly fill and ship orders.

With a small warehouse space that includes secure Wi-Fi and electricity, you can keep your ecommerce site updated, take orders, and contact customers without leaving the unit. Plus, with loading dock access, you can send out large orders at once from the facility.

With the future of ecommerce growth, now is the time to embrace renting a small warehouse space that offers room to fulfill orders and conduct administrative tasks. Interested? Book a tour to see one of WareSpace’s small warehouses near you.

Hands-On Business Owners

Hands-on business owners that have several employees appreciate small warehouse benefits such as shared kitchens and conference spaces. These areas allow the business owners to keep their employees on site, meet with them when needed, and let them have a comfortable place to have meals or other breaks. With working space and storage space in one unit, the hands-on owner can stay in the warehouse to keep up with their business’ operations.

Shared warehouse spaces that have these amenities fill the needs of any business owner who wants to have their hands on inventory management and keep up with their employees at one location.

Creative Entrepreneurs

Finding space to set up an artist’s studio is as simple as using a small warehouse space. These sites have enough room for you to set up an area for taking photos, painting, sculpting, or whatever creative endeavor you have. Plus, you have extra space to store everything you need to keep up your artistry.

Industrial racks in the units provide you with sturdy supports for all the canvases, paints, or other materials you use and places to keep your finished results.

You don’t have to worry about family, pets, or roommates damaging your creative supplies or results again when you keep them safe and secure in a small warehouse space that can double as a studio.

Contractors and Logistics

Logistics experts and contractors for larger companies can also use small warehouse spaces as places to shorten delivery times and reduce supply chain issues. Having loading dock access ensures that whatever goods you ship or receive in your work, you can get them at your small warehouse space.

Start Reaping Small Warehouse Benefits with WareSpace

Small businesses from almost any field can use small warehouse space for their betterment. At WareSpace, we make our facilities even more useful by integrating shared office perks, such as shared kitchens and meeting rooms. Do you want to take your business to the next level? Check out our small warehouse spaces at WareSpace to learn about the perks you could get from our facilities.

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