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Original Unit at WARESPACE

Maxing out mid-sized biz

When you need an industrial warehouse to increase operations and places to store, ship, and create

original warehouse

Original Warehouse

Our most popular sized unit with plenty of space to work, ship and create. The best fit most for mid-sized manufacturing: room for storage, workspace, and lots of hustle.

Tenants who get the most out of a original unit

Interested in our original unit?

Build your business with room to grow.

What You'll Find at WARESPACE

Our warehouse storage facilities are thoughtfully designed for today’s business.

I started with Warespace three years ago when I began my venture into warehousing. Warespace allowed me to procure my first business rental property, without the usual overhead costs such as HVAC, electrical, plumbing, etc. Further, the approval process to acquire the property was simple and easy. I have been fortunate to grow my business and move into a larger space all with the help of Warespace. It has been a pleasure working with the team and they have been a great landlord!”

ORIGINAL WAREHOUSE John Stevenson | Flash Delivery Services

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Check out the next size up of available warehouse space to see if it’s right for you.