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About Us

WareSpace was founded to empower and enable small businesses by allowing them to operate with the same efficiency and advantages of large corporations. We looked at the old-fashioned warehouses of the world and questioned everything, turning them inside-out to reimagine them for small businesses.

We reconfigure warehouses in a way that allows businesses to thrive. The result is the perfect warehouse space for small and medium-sized companies to operate, scale, and be part of a community of like-minded entrepreneurs. At WareSpace, we continue to challenge the status quo, sparking radical change with one goal in mind: to pioneer the warehouse revolution for small businesses, e-commerce brands, and creative entrepreneurs.

Our Approach

WareSpace University South Unit


At WareSpace, you’ll find convenient full-service pricing, high-quality amenities, and the perfectly-sized warehouse space for your business to be amazing.


Purpose-built industrial workspaces that are functional, efficient, and designed for warehouse-based companies and other small- and medium-sized businesses.

WareSpace Northwest Houston Texas


Get the infrastructure, amenities, and capabilities of big-box industrial space, scaled down and offered to businesses of every size.

WareSpace Unit in Atlanta


Expand and contract the size of your space as necessary, based on demand and current market realities within your industry.


Turnkey space options, streamlined leasing process, and a full-service support system provide a breakthrough experience for business owners.

Meet the people behind WareSpace.

The team at WareSpace draws on expertise from a variety of fields, including real estate, technology and design, to create innovative warehouse solutions. We’re disrupting industrial real estate and pioneering the warehouse revolution for small businesses, E-commerce brands and creative entrepreneurs.

Abigael Kigame

Staff Accountant

Bridget Fragale

General Manager

Cashana Huffins - GM of WareSpace, Atlanta

Cashana Huffins

General Manager

Chelsea Karle

Senior Accountant & Financial Analyst

Chris Ferguson

General Manager

Crystal Campbell

General Manager

Danielle Sigamoni

Tenant Experience Coordinator

Donna Storms

Facilities & Construction Coordinator

Georgiana Bodea

General Manager

Jarmar Samuel

General Manager

Jeff Jenkins

Director Of Acquisitions

Joseph Ely

Founder & COO

Krista Williams

General Manager

Levi Cohen

Founder & CEO

Mary Manley

Inside Sales Representative

Meghan Calleros

Meghan Calleros

General Manager

Michael Johnson

General Manager

Michael Thoma

General Manager

Samantha Cowell

General Manager

Samantha Rubenstein

Founder & Chief Business Development Officer

Samantha Schlosser

Senior Operations Manager

Stephen Shinn

Stephen Shinn

General Manager

Sydney VanKammen

Senior Sales Manager

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