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Your Business Needs the Right Small Warehouse Amenities to Grow

WareSpace facilities are specifically designed to be the all-in-one small warehouse space tosupportsmall and medium-sized businesses. Finding the right space for your business can be difficult. Even if you find one that is the correct size, they won’t always have the correct amenities your business needs.

The needs of businesses are constantly changing and traditional warehousing no longer supports the flexibility that mostbusinessesneed. Our small warehouse spaces offer the sizes and security you want and the amenities and support you need. All while keeping your operations under one roof and offering more amenities than traditional warehousing. Everything at WareSpace—rent, utilities, amenities and security—is covered by a single payment. Look at everything WareSpace offers you.

Your Business Needs the Right Small Warehouse Amenities to Grow

Finding small warehouse space can be difficult—but at WareSpace, small is all we do. Discover the perfect blend of affordability, amenities and infrastructure.

Secure Wi-Fi

Secure Wi-Fi is provided throughout our entire warehouse space; there are no drop zones here. Seamlessly run your entire business, hold virtual meetings and manage shipping all under one roof.

Industrial Racking

Our industrial-grade racking offers many advantages to any type of business and it is the backbone to an efficient warehouse. Using warehouse pallet racks can help maximize the available space in your warehouse and make the packing process more productive, safe and stress free. Additionally, racking will allow you to hold more stock, which in turn will help your business meet customer demand and impact your bottom line.

The cost of purchasing and installing racking in a warehouse is often a deal breaker for businesses. Our industrial racking is included in your one single monthly payment and comes standard in every space.

Warehouse Equipment

Most businesses need certain warehouse equipment to successfully manage day-to-day operations. Our small warehouse spaces offer the must-have equipment to efficiently run a warehouse operation.

Here are a few that come standard in every WareSpace location:

  • Pallet Jacks
  • Electric Pallet Stackers
  • Electric Pallet Jack
  • And more!

Loading Docks

Easily ship and receive inventory with our industrial-grade loading docks. Our warehouses are perfect for shipping anything, from a pallet to a truckload. Loading docks make it easy for carriers and your business to load and unload their trucks’ goods in a convenient, efficient and safe manner. Take advantage of the convenience of our loading docks to create a quick and painless shipping experience.

Electricity In Every Unit

Every WareSpace location has electricity throughout the entire warehouse. Each unit comes with well-placed electrical outlets so you can easily work with business equipment within your space.

24/7 Security & Access

Unload and store your inventory with confidence. With 24/7 access and facility-wide security, you can be confident that your business is safe. Every WareSpace location has standardized cameras and security systems.

Conference Rooms

Maximizing your warehouse space is important, but you don’t want to hold business meetings next to all of your inventory and equipment. Therefore, we created the perfect place to hold any type of meeting. Our conference rooms are available anytime you need them.

What to Look For in a Warehouse for eCommerce

Kitchen & Lounge

We offer a full kitchen and lounge area where you and your employees have full access to eat and hang out.

All-Inclusive Pricing

You won’t be snowed under with a blizzard of bills for different services. Everything at WareSpace—rent, utilities, amenities and security—is covered by a single payment. We call it Smart Pricing. You’ll call it convenient.

Everything you want. For one all-inclusive price

Core Features

Self Storage


Traditional Warehouses

Real Estate Taxes
Electric & Gas
AC & Heating
High Speed Wi-Fi
Dumpster & Pallet Remover
24/7 Security
Pallet Jacks, Dollies, & Lifts
Unexpected Repairs & Maintenance
On-site Manager
Package Receiving
Fully Furnished Kitchen & Meeting Room
Scalable Space Options

See WareSpace for yourself

Four sizes to choose from. One convenient, all-inclusive monthly payment. Discover how much you could do with one of our secure, small warehouse spaces.

Choose the warehouse that’s right for you

From start-up to Fortune 500 business, we have an affordable space that’s just right for you—complete with an onsite manager and 24/7 security. Check out your options below.

Small Warehouse

Start-ups and first-time renters

The perfect size for:

  • First-time warehouse renters
  • E-commerce start-ups
  • Businesses that have outgrown the garage

First time renting a warehouse space? Our small size could be just what you’re looking for to make products, ship what you make, and/or store inventory.

Medium Warehouse

More space for growing businesses

The perfect size for:

  • An e-commerce business
  • A growing entrepreneur
  • A tech or professional services company

For businesses on the grow, our medium size gives you workshop room and a secure, economical place to store tools, inventory and equipment.

Large Warehouse

Perfect for day-to-day operations

The perfect size for:

  • A manufacturer
  • An e-commerce business
  • An entrepreneur

Our most popular size, it’s ideal if you need a small industrial warehouse for day-to-day operations, or to store lots of equipment and heavy materials.

Extra Large Warehouse

Manage all logistics from one space

The perfect size for:

  • A manufacturer
  • An expanding small or 
mid-sized business
  • Looking to streamline your supply chain

Our extra-large space is ideal if you need a small industrial warehouse for day-to-day operations, or to store lots of equipment and heavy materials.

Hear from oursatisfied tenants

WareSpace is designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses. See how we helped these businesses thrive.

“WareSpace has enabled ArtJamz to complete our pivot from brick and mortar retail to e-commerce.”

“Our warehouse has allowed us the room to manufacture, package, and fulfill orders for thousands of customers.”

“I have been fortunate to grow my business and move into a larger space all with the help of WareSpace.”

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