How is your small business doing in 2023 as compared to the time before the pandemic? While the economy suffered significant problems in the last three years, small businesses have weathered the storms of supply chain issues and inflation surprisingly well. A survey at the end of 2022 showed that small businesses saw 4.6% better financial health than in 2019, before the pandemic. This year may be the time to invest in the future for your operations with small warehouse space. A well-managed warehouse gives your business room to grow.

How Small Warehousing Can Help Your Business

Don’t limit your notion of what small warehousing can do for your business to product storage. When you have a small warehouse space, your business benefits in several other ways beyond inventory management. If you are interested in learning more about WareSpace’s small warehouses book a tour to come visit us.

Improved Purchasing Decisions

Small warehouse spaces should have racking for inventory storage. Clear visibility and organization of your products let you see at a glance when your stock gets low. Ideally, you would have a warehouse management system (WMS) software to help keep count of the products you have on hand as customers order them.

Whether you keep tabs on your inventory manually or with software, organizing your stock is the first step. The space and racking in a small warehouse space give you the tools needed for inventory organization. By knowing what you do and don’t have, you avoid wasting money on unneeded product purchases or buying more products than you will sell.

Improved Production Quality

A warehouse ensures that you have full control over the production, packing, and shipping of your products. When doing all these tasks from one location, you can ensure that every item leaving your warehouse meets your quality standards. Being able to maintain high quality keeps your customers happier and more likely to become repeat buyers.

Leverage Cyclical Growth

Cyclical changes may require having access to extra space. Scalable warehousing solutions that let your business move from a small warehouse to a medium facility as sales booms.

However, your business does not need to scale up and down during the year to take advantage of warehousing solutions. A small warehouse space gives many businesses enough extra space to stock extra products to meet demands.

Small warehouses, such as WareSpace, offer expansion and renewal options if you end up growing too quickly. There is the freedom to expand with your needs. Conversely, if you purchase a larger warehouse with a long lease, there may not be the option for you to expand or decrease space depending on what is needed. This means your only option will be to sublease the space for the remainder of the agreement if you do want to make a change.

Risk Management

By keeping your inventory in a secure warehouse on the correct type of racking or shelves, you reduce the risk of product loss

Stored at home, thieves may steal your inventory during a break-in. You may not be able to locate items in a poorly organized garage storage space. Or, improper storage could damage products. With security on site and racking to organize and support inventory, a small warehouse space helps you to mitigate the risks that come with operating your small business from your home.

Offers Additional Storage

Small businesses that move from home or storage unit operations into warehouses  gain the space and racking necessary for better inventory organization. A well-organized warehouse gives you quick access to more products at once. Plus, small warehouse spaces offer more room than home garages or guest bedrooms, allowing you to expand your inventory.

Improved Order Processing

Find products that customers order quickly when you have your stock neatly organized in your small warehouse. Faster processing reduces the time required to send customers their orders, which can cut total order fulfillment times.

How WareSpace Can Help Your Small Business

WareSpace provides warehousing solutions to small businesses. You will also find amenities not offered in other shared warehouse spaces. These include:

  • Warehouse equipment
  • Industrial-grade racking in each unit
  • Facility-wide security cameras and systems
  • 24/7 access to your warehouse
  • Meeting space
  • Lounge
  • Kitchen
  • Electricity and secure wi-fi in every warehouse
  • Loading dock access
  • On-site manager
  • Package receiving
  • Scalable spaces
  • All-in-one pricing

With WareSpace, your business will be able to send and receive more inventory, host meetings for your employees in our conference room, relax in the lounge or kitchen, or access your warehouse at all hours of the day.

WareSpace’s variety of warehouse space sizes and amenities appeals to the needs of businesses from a variety of different fields. Want to see for ourself? Book a tour to see one of our amazing WareSpaces located near you.

Types of Businesses That Benefit the Most From Small Warehousing

Small warehousing solutions are perfect for many small businesses. Several types of companies take advantage of these smaller spaces to get professional storage solutions without renting a large-scale warehouse.

Ecommerce Brands

Ecommerce brands that sell directly to consumers benefit from a small warehouse space for better organization of their products. Typical businesses within this category that use small warehouse spaces include Amazon sellers, clothing companies, eBay businesses, drop shippers, and Etsy sellers.

Good organization can speed up order fulfillment and help with the prompt delivery requirements of many online sites. For example, small businesses that sell through Amazon as part of the Seller-Fulfilled Prime program must deliver orders within two days. Some companies can use small warehousing solutions in multiple cities to cut delivery times for online orders.

Professional and Technical Services

Small warehouse spaces can also benefit non-retail companies. Professional and technical businesses, such as non-profits, rental companies, plumbing service companies, small firms, and real estate businesses benefit from the extra storage of small warehouse space. Stocking rental equipment, signage, products for events, or donations in a small warehouse allows these businesses to stay organized.

Plus, the shared office perks of WareSpace solutions, such as conference rooms and meetings, allow for business operations to take place without the need for another building.

Arts, Creative, and Recreation

Creative individuals and businesses need space for the creative process. For instance, photographers, videographers, podcasters, and artists need room to have their equipment for their artistic endeavors. A small warehouse space gives these businesses or individuals space for storing goods, production,  and following their creative passions.

Light Manufacturing & Assembly (Solar, Wood, and Manufacturing)

Light manufacturers can use small warehousing as a storage solution for products that complete the production phase and await installation. The companies can also use the space for minor manufacturing tasks.

Solar, wood, or manufacturing companies that need room for production and storage benefit from small warehouse spaces that have built-in electrical outlets and industrial storage racking and warehouse equipment.

Find Out How WareSpace Small Warehousing Solutions Can Help Your Business

Are you prepared to upgrade to a more professional setting for your small business inventory and operations? Check out the spaces available at WareSpace. With options that range from small, which is great for new companies, to large, for established sellers looking for extra space. You’ll find the warehouse space for your needs. Visit WareSpace to learn more about our warehousing options and how to get started.