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Prospective Tenant

Is there electric in the warehouse?

Yes, each unit has electric outlets and the cost of those is included in the Full-Service warehouse pricing

How many outlets will I have in my warehouse space?

Each warehouse has enough outlets for the warehouse size. Smaller spaces have 1-2 outlets and larger spaces have 3-4 outlets on a dedicated 120V circuit

Will lights in building stay on 24 hours a day?

Our facilities are built to operate 24/7/365… All lights can be turned on whenever you’re there working. Built to serve you at the time you need it.

What if I need a special plug or outlet for machinery or equipment?

Yes, we can add any type of electric or plug to your unit. You’ll simply pay the electricians cost of running that particular plug or outlet to your unit.

What hours is the HVAC running during the week?

Unlike typical warehouse space that can become very cold in the winter and very hot in the summer, our spaces are built to run at a comfortable level for warehouse & workspace.

What are the HVAC after hours costs?

The HVAC or conditioning can be adjusted to go on during non-business hours for a fee.

Does my individual unit have HVAC that I can control the temp?

No – HVAC is for all tenants and entire building shared a system.

Are there specific operating hours?

WareSpace managers are typically onsite from 8am-6pm, depending on the day and location, but your building is available for tenants to enter & work 24/7/365.

Is the building secure?

Yes, all of our buildings are secure. We have interior and exterior video surveillance, access control and other methods of keeping it secure while still allowing controlled access for members, their guests, visitors and logistics deliveries.

Are their security and surveillance cameras operating outside and inside the warehouse?

All buildings have managers and personnel onsite during typical business hours, but the building is secured with cameras, inside and outside, and they’re monitored at all times.

Can I access 24 hours a day?

Yes! Each tenant is given an access control key or code that works 24/7/365, so you can come and go as you please. You will not have to worry about set office hours or making it to your unit by a specific time.

What do the membership agreement terms include?

Our membership agreements are completely full-service, meaning they include all utilities—Wi-Fi, dumpsters and trash pick-up, cleaning, HVAC, etc.—in your one monthly rent fee. Our billing is super simple too, so it saves you time. You can focus on your business, while we focus on running the building.

What are the different membership agreement terms in terms of months?

Our membership agreements range from 6 months to 2 years.

How do I pay my monthly membership fee?

You will have access to a membership portal where you pay your all-inclusive fee including rent and everything that comes with the building.

How do I sign up?

It’s super simple to get started. Once you’ve toured the facility, we collect basic information about your business and you can secure your lease in as little as 10 minutes.

What payments are needed to get started?

Everything is included in one simple payment. In order to reserve your space and get started, we require one month rent and one month security deposit.

How long are the membership agreements?

Our membership agreements range from 6 months to 2 years.

What exactly is a mini warehouse?

A mini warehouse has the same basic infrastructure and benefits of a larger industrial space, but with the convenience, amenities, and flexibility of a shared office space.

What different size options do you have for space?

Our spaces range from 250 to 3,000 square feet with shared spaces such as reception areas, kitchen areas, loading docks, bathrooms and meeting space.

Do I need insurance?

Yes, you will need to have a typical renters insurance policy that’s common in any warehouse space. This can vary or depend on the type of business but is very standard in the commercial rental industry

Is there parking onsite?

Yes, there is onsite parking for cars, work trucks, and vans for the day and overnight. Most of our locations have free parking. Some city-based locations require street parking.

How many parking spots do I get and are they assigned specifically to me?

No specific spots are assigned to you. Parking will be on a first come first serve basis and it’s never been an issue at our locations.

Is it ok to leave vehicles in the lot over night?

Yes, you may leave your vehicles in the lot overnight. For a reserved overnight or fleet parking situation, you can rent spaces on an as needed basis either as part of your license agreement or separately.

Is Wi-Fi provided?

Yes, WiFi is provided as part of the monthly package. We’ll give you Wi-Fi credentials with your welcome information when you sign up and become a member, and that information will be stored on the online portal if you forget them.

Are there loading docks available?

Yes! We have multiple industrial-grade loading docks available to all tenants.

What equipment is provided for the loading docks?

We provide all typical warehouse equipment to help make you efficient in the space including Pallet Jacks, Equipment, Lifts and Racking in almost every unit.

How many loading docks are there available in this building?

Every location is designed to have the right amount of docks so there will never be a traffic jam and always be enough or the tenants to share. Most locations have 3-5 docks that are shared by the community. Traffic jams have never been an issue.

Receive shipments from the loading docks?

Yes, you can receive inventory from industrial grade loading docks.

Is there available fridges to store food in the kitchen?

Yes, there is a fridge in the kitchen to store food.

Is there a coffee machine?

Yes, there is a coffee machine in the kitchen.

How often does the building get cleaned?


Do they clean my individual warehouse space or am I responsible?

Tenant is responsible for cleaning own individual space.

Existing Tenant

Can I add any extra lighting or outlets to my unit?

We have the ability to accommodate more electric for special uses on an on-demand basis at the cost of the tenant if they would like to add in more outlets.

When can I access my space?

Members can access the building and their space 24/7/365.

What times is my manager available if I have questions?

Most managers are in from 8am-6pm, Monday-Friday, and you can communicate with us anytime over our communication portal, email or our messaging/texting app.

What do I do if I lost an access card or key to the building?

You can request new one through tenant portal and we’ll get it to you right away.

How do I get another access card/ key for a new employee?

You can request new one through tenant portal and we’ll get it to you right away. You’ll need to provide the contact information for your employee.

Can I have work done in my unit, like adding an extra electrical plug or paint the walls?

Yes, our onsite team can assist with performing custom work as needed.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, anytime you refer someone you’ll get a referral bonus sent to you within 10 days of that person joining the community.

How do I get my phone set up?

Most people use their cell phones or forwarding numbers. If you need a hard phone-line you can use a VPN.

If we have outgoing packages, where do we put them?

Every location has a dedicated Inbound & Outbound shipping area for packages and pallets to make your life easy and efficient.

If I want to schedule a meeting for a conference room where do I schedule? Or is it first come first serve? How do I reserve a conference room/photo room?

Conference rooms and photo studios can be reserved as needed with he online portal.

How do I submit a service request to get something fixed?

You can speak to your manager or make a service request with the online portal.